Monday, April 26, 2010

California Adventure

All of a sudden, Nosy Nora has been wanting to "talk" to the characters at Disneyland. On most of our past Disney visits, she would just cower behind my leg. This is definately a change in attitude. So, she was super excited to meet my Oregon friends at California Adventure today. Her goal: talk to Minnie Mouse. I love her new found bravery, but I also miss the days where I could just push the stroller past a long character line with no fuss. You can never guarantee a Disney character sighting, or a short enough line to actually get an autograph. Today was our lucky day. On our way out of California Adventure, Nosy Nora spotted Goofy, we hopped into line with only 3 people ahead of us, then 5 minutes later, out came Minnie! Hooray, mission accomplished.

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