Friday, May 7, 2010

The Simple Things Part II

Ok, so I am still on my tirade about exposing kids to basic, simple toys and activities instead of all the loud, obnoxious electronic toys and games. I feel that children can learn through play if they are given the right toys and tools.

On Friday, I introduced a game known as "Sponges and Buckets" As the name suggests, it is really complicated...ha give your kids some buckets or plastic containers, sponges (preferably new, you don't want to expose the kids to harmful cleaning chemicals) and fill the buckets with water. Instant outdoor fun. Nosy Nora and Bossy Boots spent well over an hour playing "Sponges and Buckets", we also added clean paint brushes into the mix so they could "paint" and "write" on the street or on themselves. Skills they discovered or practiced: pouring, squeezing, filling, writing, puddle jumping. They had a great time, I'm sure we will play many times over the summer months.

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