Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tot School

Tot School is exposing early learning skills through FUN play. As you know from my previous posts, I am all about the simple things in life! Click on Tot School for a direct link to the website and to learn more. I get many of my creative play ideas and learning activities from this website. Nosy Nora is almost past the Tot School stage and will be moving on to preschool activities soon.  But for now, she still enjoys these activities. 

The activity today was transferring pom-poms from a tray into a plastic jar (Tray, pom-poms and plastic jar from the $1 spot at Target) using toast tongs (I found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond). This activity kept her attention for over 20 minutes.  First she practiced using the tongs to pick up the pom-poms and drop them into the container.  Then she started sorting them by color, first putting in the blue ones, then the pink ones etc. I didn’t even prompt her to do this, color sorting was her own idea! You could also have the tots sort by size. She really enjoyed this activity, and it will help her work on fine motor skills and color recognition.  My intention was for her to also string beads onto cord, but the cord was stretchy and too hard for her to use. I am going to buy stronger cord and try that on another day.  Instead she just enjoyed playing with the beads in the blue tray.IMG_7730_1501   Using toast tongs to pick up the pom-pomIMG_7732_1503Transferring the pom-poms into the jarIMG_7734_1505A proud tot with her jar full of pom-poms!IMG_7735_1506 IMG_7742_1512

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